Relating Spaces

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Hiearchy (1st attempt)

Each core program is arranged according to importance of areas within that aspect of the building.

Hierarchy of spaces with Exterior/Interior

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Adjusting Hospitality Spaces

The major change in square footage deals with the the Observation Areas. Its been split up into three areas: exterior dining, interior observation and exterior observation. This allows for the observation area to be versatile. There is also an exterior addition to the bar/lounge area allowing for alcoholic drinks to be kept in a certain area.

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Everyone Goes There

These are just some examples that popped out to me of how common space are arranged/laid out that everyone uses throughout the day.

East Hotel / CL3 Architects

Loisium Hotel / Steven Holl

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Support Spaces Adjustments




Space was moved from the Mechanical room to the Janitorial space because in most design processes that is the space that always gets cuts and suffers.





I would like to incorporate some of the concepts explained in one of the previous slides: Sustainable Design ( that uses the mountain to help support certain needs of the building. This can only be accomplished if it is addressed at the beginning of the design process.

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Adjusting Area in Patrol and Safety

I shifted some of the square footage to the garage from observation area and warming area. In the existing buildings I’ve researched the garage always needed more space because of vehicles used. I took it from those areas because they can overlap which could create a heated observation deck.

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Sustainable Design

This design was a competition for a backcountry ski patrol and emergency services operation center for a sit at 9,000 ft in elevations somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Garrett van Leeuwen winning design was 11,300 square feet. The center included sustainable building strategies, emergency medical facilities, backcountry operations center and a passive solar design.

The four main programs of the entire construction was, avalanche control, emergency medical service, ski patrol office and vehicle storage. Each program has specific needs, so separate rooms were designed  with ascending size and linked with  hallways and storage towers.

These buildings are all located in cold harsh climates. A foyer was incorporated to be a buffer area to minimize heat loss. The entire scheme is in an arc arrangement that faces the south to absorb sun. The shed roof on the north side shed the snow and helps to protect the building from the wind.

Some of the building is powered by wind turbines that are mounted on the building integrated towers. The melting snow is collected and purified so it can be used for drinking water and toilets withing the building.

This competition was hypothetical and not for a real project but it helps to show where we are headed in sustainability projects and that the technology to do this exists.

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The Monarch Ski Resort










All the runs filter into the Base Camp making it easy to find places. The buildings are arranged around the main lodge. They have building for rentals and lessons, a children’s center, restrooms, and ski patrol. There are areas for meeting, teaching and picnic outside to accommodate all seasons. It has a very simple layout and works for the visitors and the workers.

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Ski Patrol

The Ski Patrol is an organization that helps to keep people on the mountain safe, provide rescue and emergency medical services. They are trained in basic and advanced life support and  in specialized techniques. Due to the terrain and location the transportation is limited so they use snowmobiles, toboggans and helicopters. They work to promote safety and enforce policies. They perform checks before opening, during and after closing of mountain


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Three Core Parts

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